Enric Poch Jiménez
Associate Professor

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Rnd3/RhoE is an atypical member of Rho proteins involved in the regulation of actin cytoskeleton dynamics, cell cycle and apoptosis. Evidences about its role in proliferation, migration and neurodevelopment have been provided from several years ago by our group and others.
The involvement of autophagy and some members of the Rho protein family in oncogenic processes have been extensively studied and evidences of their implication in either inhibition or tumour progression have been proposed. Rnd3 has been related to some oncogenic processes and the expression and function of this protein is altered in some tumors.
Our group is focused to investigate the interrelationship between autophagy and Rnd3 and its implication in tumour transformation and progression as well as to elucidate its role during neurodevelopment. Our efforts are currently addressed to:
– Investigate the role of Rnd3 during the development of the nervous system.
– Analyze the role of Rnd3 as a possible oncosupressor.
Analyze the impact of the absence of Rnd3 on the regulation of autophagy processes as well as its role in the formation of autophagy vesicles.
– Analyze whether the absence of autophagy alters the processes of proliferation, oncogenic transformation and metastasis of Rnd3-deficient cells, using both cell lines and in vivo models.